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President's Dinner: Students want air conditioning, an elevator and better toilet paper

Updated: May 5

Six Dinners. Six Groups. 36 Tables. 165 First-Year-Students and a lot of wishes for their experience at Clarke.

The annual Clarke University President's Dinner took place over the last two months. On six different evenings, first-year and transfer-students sat down together with the President and faculty to share their first impressions of Clarke and to get to know other students that they haven't met before. While eating and talking, sheets were filled out that outlined thoughts and wishes students have, after experiencing the University for a while.

What has most surprised you about your Clarke experience so far?

While most students (34) answered that the people were very nice, 24 students made positive remarks about the quality of the teachers and learning in general. Other students pointed the cultural diversity (8) and the quantity of events and activities each week (5) out, while some students had negative comments about their experience (9). In General, 143 students answered the question with positive feedback.

What is Clarke University doing right?

The supportive, helpful, friendly, and welcoming community was number one answer by 38 students. Others pointed out, how many events were organised (28), while 20 students added that the events themselves are something that Clarke does right. 18 people emphasized the professors again, while 15 students answered that the food is good. Additionally 6 people added the quantity of resources and inclusivity (4). Positive remarks about the gardening ("I like the flowers outside") were also made.

What does Clarke University need to improve?

Clarke is by no means perfect, but for most students, air conditioning in dorm rooms (23), an Elevator in Mary Josita Hall (21) and updated dorm rooms in general (16) had priority. Other students want to see improvements on WiFi (10), updated bathrooms (10), especially in Mary Benedict Hall and upgraded athletic facilities for Football, Baseball and Track (9). Request for more washer & dryers (8), as well as better quality toilet paper (5) were also addressed.

Additionally there were different issues with the dining facilities. Students want to see changes in dining hall hours, healthier food, especially in the SAC Café 1843 and different brunch options like donuts, cookies or else, instead of mostly scrambled egg.

The President's Dinner is a very effective way to see, what students want and what they struggle with at Clarke University. All of these results will be discussed by the President and the five Vice-Presidents of Clarke University. Furthermore, plans to change certain aspects of the complaints are being formulated and implemented.

Benjamin Reiser

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