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"Inside-Clarke Fest" still a success

Updated: May 5

The "Clarke Fest" on the 20th of April was a success, even tho it faced challenges early on. Impressions and Experiences from the day of Clarke-celebration.

With about 35 degrees in the morning, the plan to have the Clarke Fest outside of the Atrium and throughout the street had to be changed. Quickly moved to the inside, the only thing missing was the "DunkTank" by DanceMarathon. Everything else was able to happen the way it would have with good weather as well.

At about 3.15pm, the first attendees already waited patiently for the Fest to begin at 4pm. After a brief introduction, the Clarke Jazz-Band performed numerous songs together with our Melos-Choir. After this performance, the stage was taken by "DJ PAPI" until 6 o'clock.

The Kehl was home to a huge slide, a bouncy parcour, a jousting cage, and a race-track. Children and Adults alike could enjoy activities like being drawn, designing your own bag or making t-shirts. For 3 hours, the Kehl was full of families and students that enjoyed the activities offered.

Outside of the Kehl, all the Foodtrucks still arrived and offered food for all the attendees. They could buy Hibachi, Smash Burgers, Mexican Food or enjoy a coffee. Especially students enjoyed the IceCream-Truck, because the first 150 students got one chip each for a free scoop of IceCream.

The "Clarke Fest" was a success and will be back next year for the 5th time, hopefully outside again!

Benjamin Reiser

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