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Interview with Pride Bowler Justin Fichter

Updated: May 5

The Pride bowling team has had a very busy 2024. In the conference tournament both the Pride’s men’s and women's teams lost to the eventual conference champion Grand View and William Penn respectively. Clarke had two members of the team selected to All Conference awards. Tanner Webb earned a First Team selection while Shane Jordan was awarded with Second Team.

Justin Fichter is one of the premiere bowlers in the conference and we at the Crux were able to meet with him to discuss his game. In early February he was able to throw a perfect 300 at the Hoosier Invite. This is very hard to do at any level of bowling, especially collegiately. Pride fans cannot remember the last Bowler to throw a 300. That day he produced two games that were over 200 pins. He was able to finish third on that successful Clarke team.



1. How did you first get into bowling, and what inspired you to pursue it competitively?

         My friend had just asked me to join his team for a year. Then one year turned into a lifelong passion.


2. Can you describe your bowling style or technique? How would you characterize your

approach on the lanes?

         I would say my style is smooth, but also unique. My approach is consistent and relaxed which allows me to focus on the shot.


3. What do you consider to be your greatest strength as a bowler, and how do you

leverage it during competitions?

         My greatest strength in my opinion is my mental game and persistence in recent years. The ability to stay calm and focused in important moments.


4. Can you share a particularly memorable or significant moment from your bowling

career so far? What made it stand out to you?

My most memorable moment in my bowling career would probably be my 300 game at the Hoosier Invite. It stood out to me because of the struggle in the months leading up to it. The experience reinforced the concept that failure breeds success.


5. When facing opponents, do you have any specific strategies or tactics that you like

to employ? How do you adapt your game plan based on different lane conditions or

opponents’ styles?

Me personally I don’t have any special tactics against opponents. I just focus on my game and my shot as to how I can help the team. As lanes transition, we typically move left or switch to a ball better fit to the conditions.


6. What do you think sets apart elite bowlers from the rest? Are there any specific

habits or routines that you believe contribute to sustained success in the sport?

         Elite bowlers to me are separated by who can perform when it matters most. If you’re going to be nervous, you’re not going to be elite.


7. How do you handle setbacks or disappointing performances? What do you do to

bounce back and stay motivated after a tough loss?

         When I face setbacks, I use them as motivation. I trust that it is just part of the story and work harder. After a tough loss, a therapy session with my friend and a call back home does the trick.


8. What advice would you give to aspiring bowlers who are looking to improve their

game and reach the next level of competition?

         Break the game down into smaller pieces. If you do all the little things right, you’ll find the big picture.


9. Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations in bowling, both in the near

future and in the long term?

         My goals as a bowler are to win a conference championship, and to leave collegiate bowling remembered as a great teammate.

We thank Justin for his taking his time to meet with the Crux on this. Justin and the bowling team finished up their season on the 24th and 25th of February. They had a solid finish with some members finishing on the all-conference team this season. Big things will be in store for the Pride next year as they look to build off a solid season. Fichter is one of the premiere bowlers on the team and in the conference and his leadership will be looked for amongst the team members. With his strong mental game and clutch performances, the Pride team will be a force to be reckoned with next year.

Tye Ojala

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