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Benjamin Reiser


Benjamin is a communications major with a minor in graphic design and a standout athlete on the volleyball team at Clarke University. As editor-in-chief of "The Crux" and Head of Social Media for Clarke Men's Volleyball, he excels in communication and leadership.


Benjamin's achievements go beyond sports and journalism. He was the 2022 national debating champion in Germany, showcasing his persuasive abilities. His future plans include attending Germany's national journalistic school, aiming for a career in journalism or media hosting.


In summary, Benjamin Reiser is a driven, internationally-minded individual poised for a successful future in media and journalism, thanks to his dedication to excellence both academically and athletically. 

Tye Ojala


Tye Ojala is a communications major in his senior year. He does an internship at the Crux this semester, solidifying his skills in journalistic work. He aims to pursue a career in journalism after his time at Clarke.

The outside hitter is also captain of the Men's Volleyball Team. 

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Chrissy Bartels


Chrissy Bartels is a professor of communication, specializing in media literacy and critical analysis. With a wealth of experience in the field, Chrissy is dedicated to equipping her students with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the ever-evolving media landscape. 

With a background in filmmaking and a passion for storytelling, Chrissy brings a unique perspective to her teaching. Her expertise in researching, fact-checking, and storytelling allows her to guide her students in understanding the power and influence of media, as well as the ethical responsibilities that come with it. 

Chrissy has developed innovative curricula and educational programs that emphasize the importance of critical thinking and media literacy. Her expertise extends beyond the classroom. Her research focus is violent women in film and the distinct societal effect they have on American audiences. 

With her engaging teaching style and deep understanding of media literacy, Chrissy is dedicated to shaping the next generation of media-savvy communicators and filmmakers, empowering them to navigate the complex media landscape with confidence and critical thinking skills. 

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